I'm currently hosting a server at:

Multiplayer won't work on itch.io because itch forces https, while the game server uses regular http. If you download the client, it works though. Also a version on newgrounds.

A single player game will start after a failed connection attempt.

Current Version: 0.01

Game Info

You are a newcomer to this world. Left for dead after a mutiny on a trading ship, you must explore the surrounding environment, encountering resources and other settlements and their parent cities. To survive, prove that you belong in this world. Through trade, you must work your way from a log in the water to a fully crewed galleon. Along the way you see a variety of interesting sights, meet different cultures, and buy exotic goods.

Or just walk around and explore the world with your friends.

This is a tech demo for Bound Horizon, what will hopefully become an economic - exploration game, where you sail around the procedurally generated world, finding new markets and seeing exotic cultures. Right now all you can do is swim around an unlimited world.

The game will be released for free on sites like newgrounds and kongregate.

Here's some stuff we plan on adding:

  • Exploration
    • World streaming
    • Texture based on biome
    • Settlement Creation
    • Day/Night cycle
    • Vegetation/Resources
  • Gameplay
    • Movement system
    • Vehicle system
    • Inventory system
    • Mild Survival system
  • Multiplayer
    • Make client movement multiplayer compatible
    • Make server code
    • Prediction/Interpolation
    • Connect to server/server browser
  • Trading
    • Implementing trading model
    • Add items
    • Add shops
  • Settlement Management
    • Develop system
    • Develop
    • ???
    • Profit!
  • Tech
    • 2D GUI system
    • TB Approved options menu
    • Save System
  • Polish
    • Sounds -???
    • Optimization -???
    • Refine generation -???


Bound-Horizon-Server.zip 45 MB
Bound-Horizon-Client.zip 43 MB

Install instructions

For Server:

You will need to port forward to get your game online, otherwise only people on your LAN will be able to access it. You will need to forward port 8081.

For help with your particular router, look here.

For Client:

Run game and play. To get your mouse back, alt tab. I'm looking into fixing this.

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